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Watch out for the Parabens!

How many of us have cared to glance at the label before we choose a product to buy? Even if there are a few, how many of us have actually gone over the chemical content of those liquids packed and sealed in gorgeous plastic bottles and those bars wrapped in attractive boxes?
A handful from a group of million consumers might have actually done this. When I chose to glance at the label of a shampoo I found at the supermarket, I discovered a lot of things that will turn out to be an unpleasant shock for most of us.
Nearly most of the shampoos, soaps, cosmetic products, toothpaste and even packed food contain chemical elements called the ‘Methyl Paraben’ and ‘Propyl Paraben’ as a major constituent. They are nearly found in every product because they are used to preserve the packed content and they are very cheap and effective to use. The actual content added to the product is not displayed and therefore unknown to us.
You may ask whats wrong about this? Most of the chemicals from the paraben family is supposedly dangerous to the human body. Studies reveal that parabens mimic the hormone estrogen which is known to be a contributing factor of breast cancer among humans. Dr. S. Oishi of the department of toxicology, Tokyo Metropolitan Research Laboratory of Public Health reported that exposure to butyl paraben among new born male humans will adversely affect the function of the male reproductive system.
Other studies also reveal that exposure to parabens may also cause tumors in the breast and may result in problems relating to the reproductive system. On the safer side, I have decided to discard the products which contain any form of parabens and switch to paraben-free consumerism.
It might be difficult to get hold of paraben-free products in the market, but a thorough market research on the availability of such products will do no harm and will rather protect our body from unknown danger.


  1. interesting! I already check the label to see if it was tested on animals.. and now another check! arrrgh,i'm running out of products!!

    1. LOL Quite true that we run out of products if we see all this. But I guess being precautionary helps a lot. :) Thank you for your comment Saro. Please read other posts as well. :)


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