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Coat it in pink, flash a smile, crease it hard as they roll down, martyrs of pain.
"Paws up, shoulders straight! Look pretty."  instructs mama. 
Tummy in,  flab tucked in black. eyes apprehensive. legs curled up, I wait a moment or two.  Mind travels forth and back.
"Is he looking?"  eyes flutter eyelashes bat neck turns.  He was, or may be he might have...
Tummy in, turn away, flash a smile small talk, act busy.
I hear his voice a little distant now, get a glimpse as I tilt eyeballs to the side.  
He looks at me, she points a finger with muffled attempts  to hide laughter. 
Tummy in, turn away, flash a smile small talk,  act busy.
Mask it up, smooth some kohl on teary eyes. coat it in pink, crease it hard,
stroke your hair with a plastic comb.  corset your curves, hold in tight.
Breathe less, tummy in, flab tucked in black. sit in a stool butt overflow,
eyes apprehensive, legs curled up shoulders straight, glance at the hand mirror. Oh! Hide that bald patch
Look …