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The floating lantern

A thousand flashes
Jubiliant on the spread
Blanketing the vast void
Print wonder insideThey glow, bloom
Flash, burst, jiggle and wave
They rise and spread
Instil joy for a momentAnd disperse into the dark
Like they weren't there
But a spark rises onto the spreadCreates little memories
But floats away with warmth
As serene as the behindMeditating upon the void
It drifts past the thousands
That bloom into nothingSwims past all the glory
Like nothing matters much
In lifeIt flies in silence as light
As a kite, yet holding in
The warmth, the joy and peaceIt moves on, lasting longer
Than the flashes that make
A mark to not last And fades away
With serenity in its drift
Creating peace in my yonder.