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The silent night

In the dreary silent night,
with no one by my side, I sit all alone folding my knees to my chest, the moist wind of the recent rain, sweeps gently on my face, refreshing me, taking my worries away, I sit on the bare ground and smell the wet mud, and a few autumn leaves gently touch my feet, I sit alone gazing at the starry sky, thousands of thoughts just passing over my mind, sometimes, my heart may strike fear, when the nocturnals rule the globe, but I just sit there unmoving, starring at the starry sky, suddenly I hear a screeching owl, and direct my gaze toward the screech, which may seem distant right now, the silent night made me observe the things around, and the calm breeze washes out the fears profound!

School life!

The unspoken words,
the unexpressed feelings, the pranks not played and the smiles not given, the thoughts that were not thought, the truth not spoken, the gifts not shared, the cheers not made, the hugs not shared, or the farewells not wished, still dwell in me like fond memories, that had once taken place in my dream land, now nowhere to be found, when awoken upon the realities of life! Life seems to be endless, and dreams seem to go a step higher, but not the situations all granted, or the opportunity not seeked, to realise all the lovely dreams and the crazy desires, that we face in our school lives! If given a chance to choose my way, to heaven or back to school life, I bet I would wish for school life to come back, and stay forever, for all the hardships that we faced, are hidden by the all lovely memories that we shared together!