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Chilly little raindrops,
flood my window pane,
along with the cool moist breeze
of the monsoon winds!
The farmer sitting dreary,
because of the prolonged drought,
is excited as the cloud,
sheds the first of her tears,
on the parched field!
The warm sun casts it's rays,
on the fat drops of rain,
and an array of seven colours,
arch the sky with their magnificence!
As the dark clouds gradually vanish,
the snowy white clouds conquer the sky,
and the sun rules the globe!
The tiny puddles on the muddy plain,
begin to evaporate and drain.
But some rainy drops of the recent rain,
settle on the fresh green leaves,
and glisten like pearls under the sun!

the chain reaction!

Lovely days are here,
the charming breeze turns on my mood, the freedom from work makes me relaxed, it is such a wonderful day, without the dainty fears creeping in my mind, or without the burden of work loaded on my shoulders, I smell the first smell of freedom in the air, and my face has a huge positive curve, that makes my people bubbling and bouncing! well, the air is now full happiness and freedom, but i do realize that this cannot continue, in the absence of the work or suspense, because the ultimate joy is realized, only when there is freedom from burdening work and chilling adventure!