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At the hardest hit...

When thoughts race like the race of light,
cloudy problems clutter obscuring your unaltered goals,
when darkness surrounds you,
when you feel like tripping over the painful hurdles,
and when rocky paths of a huge mountain,
is laid in front of you to climb,
there is still one thing to feel happy upon,
the joy in your heart after reaching it's peak!

Dying in the woods

The glazing green leaves, were glistening with pearl-like dew drops, fresh from the abode, on the apple tree.
The ripest fruits, found in town were found there, They were the choicest children, little, red, fresh and sweet. And many other trees, of the great woods were jealous of her beauty.
As she was rooted in the marshy woods, sun kissed and moist as always, she never feared of the coming days, and she happily gifted away her children, to make the people around her happy. She relished in the beauty of the woods, and nothing in the world could dim her smile away.
She shared herself with the chirpy sparrows, and the tawny owl nested on her branches, and many a time the colourful butterflies, would fly to her and tickle her with love, she loved to shade even the little yellow flowers, which flourished with joy near her foot, And the dark cloud in the blue sky, would often shed his tears of joy, Love-lorn and on seeing her thriving magnificently, in the deep woods, every cloudy night!