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Falling in and out

You are the ray of my day The moon of my nights The bamboo of my flute The minutes of my time You are the flowers in my spring The leaves in my autumn The snow in my winter Well… Errrmmm.. You are also my sweat in the summers The ads between my shows The fog when I drive And yes! The owls when I sleep The landslide when I trek That cluster of dirt on the shores Clobber along the waves and reach my toes You are the violinist when Rome burns My speed breaker at every turn The mold in my only piece of bread What would you be thinking about me? I know you won’t care might still remember me The memories we made The struggles we wade The nights of unrest Of passion, of lust, Then of tears with regret Also in absence, of hate But haven’t we been there Or have we not? Has it faded, or Has it deluded? Have you fluttered away From the abode of my kind? Or are you trickling down Slowly melting away Like the flakes of white snow On a sunny winter morning? I feel you fluttering in In …