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Illusions in the rigmarole...

"The bigger, better and beautiful things in life come with patience and kindness." says my mum every time I get helpless and impatient with life's rigmarole. One such accomplishment that I had to wait for was the end of my college life (bachelor's degree).

It was the first year of college, I entered the gates with excitement thronging my every part and my eyes were filled with dreams of the brightest future ahead, the amazing friends whom I'm going to spend my days with, the freedom I was about to enjoy, the accolades that I was yet to win and the course which I was about to study (which I had really loved so far!).

I loved the library, the stringent teachers, the grounds of the college, the fruit shop just outside the college, my college cultural, the orientation program where many meritorious people addressed us and every other thing about my college. It was one big dream come true and I was observing each and every thing with the glossy eyes of a wondrous chil…

இறையிற் கரு

பொங்குங்கடல் ஓடி மண் தொடுகையில், என் கால் நகம் தொடுகின்றது போல்
விளைநிலம் நீர் பாய்ந்து, விதை விண்ணை தொடுகின்றது போல்
அருங்காலை சூரியன் உதித்தொரு
கதிர் என் கண் தொடுவது போல்

தித்திக்கும் செங்கனிச்சுவை
என் நாநுனி ருசிப்பது போல்

தேனூறிய வானம்
செங்கடலை தழுவுவது போல்

உயர்ந்தோங்கி தனித்திரும்
தென்னை வான் படர்வதை போல்

கருமேகம் கனிந்து முதல்
துளி தரை தொடுவது போல்

பண் ஒழுகு பரதக்கலை
என் கண் கரைந்தது போல்

என் திரு இம்மணெங்கும்
விதைத்த பொருள்
என் கண் உருத்தி கவிதை செய்தது.

The trail of the yellow...

One after another
they depart, carpeting the muck.
Thus, autumn surfaced.

A soldier of love

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It was one of those quiet days without any unanticipated happenings or guests at home. I was slouching onto the sofa, sipping honey nectar like coffee from my favorite mug. I was preoccupied with something in my mind, rather, someone. It had been so many months since I had put in a “HI” to him. I was so preoccupied with my own life here in Chennai that I had forgotten to put in a greeting for one of my childhood super heroes.
I am not indicating this post to my dearest dad, who with no doubt, was my greatest hero and companion throughout my childhood. I am writing this post for someone else who also made my childhood memorable, who made me feel special like I was the little girl of his life, my uncle.
I could remember with pristine clarity, the days when I used to go and stay at his one bed-roomed apartment in Mylapore which had the love for many such little girls like me. At my arrival, he used to embrace me wit…


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She drove back home with a box of chocolates and a Chinese take away as soon as she could. Larson had let her go after he conveyed to her about the promotion. She gobbled the Manchurian and washed it down with a can of cola with a magazine by her side. The magazine contained a svelte model holding a glamorous leather bag brand named ‘Louis Vuitton’ in its cover page and this was followed by the best collection of bags and shoes in the country in the pages that followed.
Maureen had her eyes stuck to the glittering staccatos, boots and the handsome duffels worshipped by the white and skinny models. She had already decided to treat herself with the raise of pay she was going to get. It was a significant day in her career and she had no plans of messing it up.
It was late at night and she had been gagging on the magazine,…