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Illusions in the rigmarole...

"The bigger, better and beautiful things in life come with patience and kindness." says my mum every time I get helpless and impatient with life's rigmarole. One such accomplishment that I had to wait for was the end of my college life (bachelor's degree).

It was the first year of college, I entered the gates with excitement thronging my every part and my eyes were filled with dreams of the brightest future ahead, the amazing friends whom I'm going to spend my days with, the freedom I was about to enjoy, the accolades that I was yet to win and the course which I was about to study (which I had really loved so far!).

I loved the library, the stringent teachers, the grounds of the college, the fruit shop just outside the college, my college cultural, the orientation program where many meritorious people addressed us and every other thing about my college. It was one big dream come true and I was observing each and every thing with the glossy eyes of a wondrous child. Every person there, every thing and place there was an absolute luxury and most apparently I was jumping with joy.

It was the end of the first semester and I felt used to the dizzying crowd, the teachers, the lonely library,etc. And at the end of the second semester, I actually grew impatient when I saw my seniors posing for the class photograph that marked the end of their lives at college. As I saw them I wondered as to when I would pose for my passing out class photo and when I would graduate.

I, no more had the observant eyes that I admired the place with. I had won many accolades at the end of
college, but I never felt happiness surging through me when I saw them, like in my first year. I ate at the fruit shop, was lectured by my teachers every other period.. But I never got back the happiness I had when I entered college. All my joy lay in the future, after I write my 6th semester examinations.

But now, after I have completed my 6th semester, I am still searching for happiness. It is here, no more. Happiness is perceived to be something that lies in your future, in what we assume to be luxuries. But once we attain what we crave for, what we consider to be a luxury, it is no more a luxury.

Surprisingly, happiness doesn't lie in that thing any more. It shifts from one thing to another as soon as the luxury is fulfilled. The dream that you were seeing open-eyed is no more a dream. It is a reality which had been feigning to be a luxury, a pleasure, your only dream on earth. A dream/luxury is nothing but a reflection of what you are. Happiness takes it's form until the dream is reached, then happiness disappears from sight and takes the form of another dream/luxury.

In reality, happiness is in your heart. Not in the luxury you crave for or the dream you yearn to live. A luxury is nothing but a feigning reality where happiness disappears and takes another shape. So beware. What you perceive to be a luxury now, might not be a luxury after all. Life's mystical forms are rendering but untrue.

Don't divulge into illusion and lose touch of the reality that is gripping you, which might help you soar into real happiness. Live in the present and not in what your bright future beholds!


  1. About shifting happiness from one thing to another, I guess it keeps us motivated. The only element comes with greed, with lack of satisfaction. Cherish what you have before craving for more...

  2. Quite rightly said Saru :) Thank you for reading! :)


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