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Before the winter falls.

I stand there under the huge green shade,
which shelters me from the scorching star, I follow my fellow mates up on the crooked path, the road as soft as fur and coloured green.
As I climb up the green hill, without much strain on my tender legs, my peers lead me to wherever I want to be, we trek in line to reach our place, minute by minute, we quicken our pace.
But as the soothing breeze gently blows, the slender pathway tremendously shakes, and the green shades go flip-flop, we hold on tight to the slippery path, fortunately overcoming a terrible fall.
As the winds blow apart, away from our furry path, we manage to reach the greener top, delighted even upon risking our lives, just to store grains for the winter fall!
- An ant climbing up on a paddy crop.