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My dream land!

It's a world full of happiness,
Its my dream come true! It's a place where trees do smile at you! Everywhere is green, not a dirt seen, there are animals hopping around with humans who're friends, Thats my, my world!
It's heaven on earth, a dreamy place, there's nothing to worry about, a place where everyone's young and smiling, It's a land of cheery flowers and shiny stars gleaming in the sky, and there are no good-byes! That's my, my world!
We could fly high in the sky, and dance like the breeze, we could shine like the bright sun, and swim like the fish, there's nothing that we couldn't do, That's my, my world!
My world, my dream land!

Inside my mind...

The conflict never ends,
between the good and the bad, while there is belief, good triumphs over evil, there is the prolonged negativity in my tiny mind,
One says yes, and the other, strongly condemns, confused I am, on which way to tread, while one tempts, the other persuades, and I don't know which is good and which the bad!
There is this strong war that unnerves me, every time I try to decide, One rebukes on a deed, while the other strategically proves it right.
The psychiatry proves me wrong, whenever I try to divert from its taunts, the impulse and the opposing demands inside my mind, fortify my resistance like a flock of herons, on charging its prey, Indecisive I become, unable to flaunt to my challenges, or grin back at my fears.
Will the strife come to cease? and then I may be at ease. Retreating to reality, I find that, my mind has never the ability, to discord this battle of extremity!


The time has come,
I knew it would one day, the new bells of freedom are chiming harder than ever, the fresh air, I breathe of independence, that I had not before.
The time has come, I knew it would strike upon me, the old chains of monotony have cut me slack, the crux of ignorance had broken free, that were holding me back.
The time has come, I knew it would end all my worries, it has scooped me up from the vileness of the crowd, has let me fly high in the sky, apart and away from the despicable.
The time has come, I knew it would bring me the dawn, and awake upon me the probity that life has in store, has separated me from the binds of commitment, making me buoyant in happiness.
The time has come, I knew it would bring the biggest smile on my face, and ward the detriments off my memory, has made me jaunt to subvert the paradigm, the time has come for the greater good, the time has come for a change!