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If you had missed the previous chapters of the story: Click here Chapter 1Chapter 2


It was the fall again, they had gone for a stroll outside the university campus into the beautiful park where snowy trees surrounded the white spread and there were very few passers-by due to the freezing chill.
The two of them hovered around enjoying the beauty carpeted around them. Maureen had already gone down, working her gloved hands into the snowy layers. She started rolling a huge ice ball with a grin on her pink face. Steve looked at her dazed by the tinkle of her eyes and the jingle that her laughter spread in his heart.  The moist wind ruffled her blond hair, some of which fell onto her face like a wave onto the shores.
Steve just stood there with his hands folded, his lips curved into a mesmerizing smile and his eyebrows were arched in sheer amazement of what was happening to him that moment.   He felt…

Arching wings

The little one spread wings,

On it's day which was dark, but

ruled the sky after fall.

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Beauty out, Beast in

Beauty in the making

                             mull over

                        Danger enticing

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To share...

As I was walking on the narrow pavements flooded with rain water near my college, I saw an old man with a heavily rimmed, almost broken pair of glasses just sticking to his nose. He was very feeble and exhausted of all spirit. He wore a tattered and almost brown dhoti and was barefoot, leaning on a stick. He sat on one corner and started to open his packet of food that he had luckily earnt for the day. 
His hands terribly shook when he unwound the packet and by the time he opened it, half the food was spilt on the ground and he had just a bare minimum to fill his stomach with. He laid the packet slowly on the ground and started to eat it.
Just as he was beginning to eat, there was a stray dog beside him lying on the hard floor. It seemed to be recently stoned in a terrible way, that it was even unable to move, it kept looking at his packet of food with yearning eyes. The old man looked at the dog, he stared at it quietly for a while, and then to my surprise, his face carried a weak u…


If you had missed reading the previous chapter, you can do so here:CHAPTER 1
It was 9:00 A.M and upon the start of an engine in the garage, Maureen stirred on the couch. She lazily opened her eyes, sat up and stretched her hands up in the air. She presumed it was the milk man and trod to open the door and collect the milk packets and the news paper. When she opened the door, she found that the milk had been already collected, she returned to the hall, the bouquet that was on the floor the previous day had been taken and put into the dustbin and she found a bowl of cereal and a glass of milk laid down as usual for her breakfast.
Upon seeing this she suddenly remembered him and the plans that she had made yesterday, she rushed into their bed room only to find the blankets neatly folded and the pillows arranged as it was every day morning.  She grabbed the mobile phone and called her boss to ask him whether she can avail a day’s leave. “Maureen, you know your responsibilities very…

Sky's tumult

The brown and muddish dust,

had settled over the angry sky,

The little red roses had been put to sleep ,

by the white fresh blossoms on the trees!

While the little day birds,

fly to their nests,

the tawny old owl perches on the branch.

the white cool snow,

swirls smoothly on the ground.

And little dew drops,

settle on the lean grass.

The sky appears to change

a pivotal violet,

And then, a slightly brutal pink,

little by little it widens into a dark soothing blue!

The transformation of the blue sky,

makes my heart bloom and blissful,

And the calmness of the white sky,

makes my heart freeze at sight!

All images used in this post belongs to Vinod Velayudhan, a photographer who records beautiful moments and delivers precious memories. Visit his site to view his pictures.

The lantern of hope

I wake abruptly, from the dream boat, to the seizing now.
She stood there staring at me darkness resonating from inside I sat perplexed dazed by the sudden turn
She waged into me, the dark pounding onto my inner the child-like dream shattering into shimmer and all I have is her
She pounced into my brain drinking into my thoughts giving me the last laugh
she dwells into my heart after she rides down my gut strangling my breath
she is vile an insurmountable power which rides my back
agony thunders into my being I sat there in the lone hell with lustrous tear drops smattering like mid-sea pearls
They smack onto me I know they are full full with sadness full with defeat a million tears in heartbreak a million before suicide a million in hell and a million to be alone.
My tears of frustration roll down and pound my cheek blending in the river of misery My soul has darkened My eyes pale my ears deafened my voice nowhere
She dances kicks into the flow her black tresses lashing my thoughts s…


                                          CHAPTER 1

It was one of those days of monotony that Maureen had to spend. Sitting outside the office cabin of her boss, answering the ever- ringing phones, charting out schedules for his day, making arrangements for client meetings and lunch calls and such other things a secretary is paid to do. It was the eve of her first year of wedding anniversary and also the day when she is about to get paid for the month long mixed bag of work she had executed so perfectly.
But her boss was quite rigid and insensitive. He never got to recognize the quality with which she executed her work. Long past eight, she returned home with her wallet full of fresh cash and a huge box of assorted gifts for her husband, whom she had been yearning to see. She had already missed the lunch date for that day, they had planned the previous day, because of her ever-complaining boss. As she walked into the hall, she saw the telly set blaring with stomach stirring screeches an…


I am so excited to be given the recognition of a 'Liebster'. Liebster in German implies 'Favourite', 'dearest' and all and this award is given to bloggers who have a readership of less than 200 people, in order to motivate them and help them cherish their talent as a writer/ blogger. I'm so thankful to Keisakura Ninjin for nominating me for this award. 

An award comes your way with expectations and in my case, there is no exception. So, let me fulfill my nominator's demands. The rules that the receiver of this award has to comply with are as follows:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves. ( Honesty is the best policy)
2. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you 
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs!

So here goes,
11 things about me:
1. I am a very complicated person who tries to be simple. 2. I love to write. In fa…

A glass of life

He folded his knees to his chest, curiously looking out at the tyranneous sandstorm that was shrouding the window glass. His face was pale and his eyes shriveled letting out a tear or two, as time passed by. He could feel his tiny cemented home in the danger of a collapse and his heart in a stormy pace as he was anticipating her return any moment away from the sand storm, safe into their tiny home in warmth and harmony. She had gone by walk a few hours ago to fetch a pail or two for use for the next day after predicting with her keen intelligence that there would ensue a pleasant evening.

But nature had better plans to rip them apart and so it did. His fears about her absence till the then present were growing paramount and he could do absolutely nothing about it. There was just a glass of drinking water left at home and he wanted to retain it for her, in case she returns home in safety.The time waiting was spent in solitude, absolute silence and a few far away memories to lull the mi…