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The lantern of hope

I wake abruptly,
from the dream boat,
to the seizing now.

She stood there staring at me
darkness resonating from inside
I sat perplexed
dazed by the sudden turn

She waged into me,
the dark pounding onto my inner
the child-like dream
shattering into shimmer
and all I have is her

She pounced into my brain
drinking into my thoughts
giving me the last laugh

she dwells into my heart
after she rides down my gut
strangling my breath

she is vile
an insurmountable power
which rides my back

agony thunders into my being
I sat there in the lone hell
with lustrous tear drops
smattering like mid-sea pearls

They smack onto me
I know they are full
full with sadness
full with defeat
a million tears in heartbreak
a million before suicide
a million in hell
and a million to be alone.

My tears of frustration
roll down and pound my cheek
blending in the river of misery
My soul has darkened
My eyes pale
my ears deafened
my voice nowhere

She dances
kicks into the flow
her black tresses lashing my thoughts
she spreads her arms wide
waltzing with defeaning prints
her million pleats beat me to silence
her face in wild harmony

I watch her
my face upheld
my heart tattered
into blackened sheets
spilled with black
scribbled, stricken and gashed
with her pen, the mightiest of all

not just a scribble,
crumbled into a ball of black flame
torn into trillions
whose pieces remain afloat
in the sea of remorse.

She shakes me into a stand
my legs unable to withold
trembles into a collapse
she glares at me, rocking me back.

A sinless moth, I am,
sinless at heart,
she binds me into shackles
tucks me into an iron cage
and asks me to fly, fly far away.

I did,
I tried,
I was pained to death.
She hands me the keys,
a sinless moth, I am,
commands me to spread wings,
looks at me in sarcasm.

my wings are wet
with the tears of sorrow
my dreams,
never stable,
ever wandering as I wander along
in my dream boat.

As the few years had passed
the desicion should be done
I remain the moth in a dream boat
she dwells as the mystic dark
who embraces me into pain

the supreme may show light
glide me away from her hold
light the latern of faith
and hope.

But as the time flies away,
my flight remains a hope
my dreams wander in daze
while I am caged away.

I wait,
wait in hope,
in apprehension,
while I watch
the other moths fly away
wait for my wings to spread,
for my lantern of hope.

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