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Watch out for the Parabens!

How many of us have cared to glance at the label before we choose a product to buy? Even if there are a few, how many of us have actually gone over the chemical content of those liquids packed and sealed in gorgeous plastic bottles and those bars wrapped in attractive boxes? A handful from a group of million consumers might have actually done this. When I chose to glance at the label of a shampoo I found at the supermarket, I discovered a lot of things that will turn out to be an unpleasant shock for most of us. Nearly most of the shampoos, soaps, cosmetic products, toothpaste and even packed food contain chemical elements called the ‘Methyl Paraben’ and ‘Propyl Paraben’ as a major constituent. They are nearly found in every product because they are used to preserve the packed content and they are very cheap and effective to use. The actual content added to the product is not displayed and therefore unknown to us. You may ask whats wrong about this? Most of the chemicals from the par…

Hairy Dreams : My entry for the Gillette 'Divine is You' Contest

This post is a part of the Gillette Satin Care contest in association with

She was with him in the moonlit shore and the ruffling waves.
Looking into the faces of one another,
they were engrossed in love.

When she drifted her gaze to the sand castles he had made for her,
she felt her happiness brimming and
it outshone in her face through her wide smile.

He gently caressed her cheeks with his masculine hands,
warm and soulful was his touch,
when her arms met his to hold,

"Scrunnnnch" it rubbed on his,
hairy, rough and barely fluff it was,
he took away his hands with an awkward smile.

Hairy hands don't work when in love,
Oh, Gillette! Where are you my love?

You save my day with your smooth blades,
they penetrate through my hairy arms,
make them soft and give them charm!

An ode to my creator

Wonder of wonders lies in here,
every creation profound and unique,
I admire God in his own, beautiful way,
for it is his creations that I ponder about every moment.

The water serene and flowing,
with its tiny ever-altering ripples,
thin as air and cool as snow,
created by the ardent scientist of an unborn past.

 The greenest blade of grass,
shooting up from nowhere in the wet soil,
with it's thousand little creases,
stunningly done by the loveliest child in heaven.

 The sky , where it ends,
ever a mystery, with its blend of a thousand colours,
and holding sheep like furry white clouds,
painted with the perfect hands of a thriving artist.

 The jubilant sun,with its infinite rays of heat,
scorching earth, like the nearest glowing candle,
which melts down as the night arrives,
and gives room for darkness to surround,
is lit with love by the caring mother.

 The leaves with its thousand nerves,
tender green, soft as the velvet and perfectly shaped,
sticking to the branches by the wea…

A Conversation with the bull!

A short fiction based on the photo taken by Ramasamy Nallaperumal for the photo-post contest organised by The Chennai Bloggers Club and

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"It was a hot day. I woke up early and tied to those chimes which spewed annoying jingles whenever I made a move. I was fed by the boy who fed me every day when he passed by our smelly corner to milk Valli.
Valli is the newcomer to our little urban home. We have been used to living among bustling horns and punch-drunk roads. 

I was on my way to be loaded with stacks of juicy sugar canes when that stocky  man came up with a weird thing on his hands which made clicking noises and gave out flashes of light when he pressed a button. I found it weird to keep sta…

At the very end.

I was sitting on the cemented wall, painted white and dirtied brown. I had a friend by my side, but nothing to talk. I was staring into the clear blue sky, down to the muddy floor without anything to do, when I saw her shed the golden shower.
She was a little far away from where I was, I pointed her to my friend but she wasn't observant, She stood there strong without any nerves, she was opaque and a true lover of the sun,
she shed out the shower of gold with astounding grace, They were falling down one by one and altogether, they danced happily while having their fall, to be fossilised into the soil, to be stamped dead by the passersby
Bliss and peace filled into their moves, which stirred the air with twirls and waves, they gleamed gold, red and green, they twirled round and round towards their fairy feme.
They were all over the air, filling the place with their amusing embrace, some of the yellowed clinged to her arms, unwilling to let go, and finally each one had to, whether …

Minding my Mind!

I was wandering lazily into my world of thoughts, smiling thinking about the silly moments and seriously analysing my sorrowful past. I took my time in reviewing and rethinking what my thoughts were when  I had felt silly or happy or sad, and a stunning reality hit me like storm. The previous day, when I was in the beach supposed to be  spending memorable time with my parents, I had not really spent time with them, but wondering to my own self about the events of my past, about the people on the shores, about my friends who had insulted me in my past, or about those who had made me happy or the happening of an event which had made me sad or happy or about my future, uncertainities, promising returns , probable events that might not even happen in life. In reality, I was physically "in" the beach, but my mind and soul were racing into a zillion worlds, just like the waves of the sea rushing onto the shores. 
And now even when I am lazing around on my terrace, looking at the …

Caught in the Cobweb!

The yellow leaves sticking to the branches of the old tree were blowing along with the evening breeze.There were many happy children in the park, standing on the swings, drifting down on the slides, some fighting with the other, and some laughing along with their cheerful parents. And there were the balloon and ice-cream sellers catching up with their everyday business. A few yards away, there were two kids walking by the platforms of the narrow streets, through cans of trash,sprawling hags and street dogs. 

They were secretly carrying small packets of white powder some of which had been delivered to a few children in the park. Those children had ,at first been bullied and forced to take such packets which they found to be quite mysterious. But once they started consuming them, they got addicted and their bodies shivered without it. They found that, they weren't themselves without it and they could do anything to have it, just to see the packet of opium in their hands. Initially, t…

2012: Birth of a whole new crappy world.

It was 7:00 and an unusually early morning for me. I had a cup of tea in my hands and was simultaneously flipping the uncreased pages of the newspaper for that day. I am not a regular reader and I read news once in a blue moon. I promise I found the morning to be really plesant untill I opened that cursed pile of crap. Here goes, The headlines read: Delhi Gang rape victim dies, looking further down 'juvenile accused of rape' and on the side 'another 16 year-old victimised to sexual abuse on a public bus'.

What has the nation really turned into? A nation of untolerable, obnoxious and lethal rapists? A nation of holes for the drunkards to dig into? or a nation of unparliamentary politicians who accuse innocent posts on facebook to be fatal crimes and lock those innocent heads up in rat-holed jails with rusty bars among other real victims? Or a nation that has fallen prey to a series of bloody trails, bomb blasts, huge monetary scams, victimised religious conflicts, hard-…