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Minding my Mind!

I was wandering lazily into my world of thoughts, smiling thinking about the silly moments and seriously analysing my sorrowful past. I took my time in reviewing and rethinking what my thoughts were when  I had felt silly or happy or sad, and a stunning reality hit me like storm. The previous day, when I was in the beach supposed to be  spending memorable time with my parents, I had not really spent time with them, but wondering to my own self about the events of my past, about the people on the shores, about my friends who had insulted me in my past, or about those who had made me happy or the happening of an event which had made me sad or happy or about my future, uncertainities, promising returns , probable events that might not even happen in life. In reality, I was physically "in" the beach, but my mind and soul were racing into a zillion worlds, just like the waves of the sea rushing onto the shores. 

And now even when I am lazing around on my terrace, looking at the breezy coconut trees and the blue and red sky, I am into my own world of thoughts. But this time, it had helped me as I had realized that it is not some event in the present which makes me happy or sad or silly, stupid, embarrased, blush, angry, perturbed or anything, neither was it my past or uncertain future, but my own thoughts that had played into my mind and had took me away from the living present. I realized that my mind is the most complex of parts in my body, though it cannot be technically classified as a "part" of my body. It is speedy and even more equipped than my brain, which is a mere storehouse of acquired knowledge and events in my past. 

Every moment that I had spent in my life, had been spent with my mind. My mind working endlessly taking in events, registering people, making me question and analyse things in the world, letting out commands to my body to act in a different way for different events, anticipating changes, discarding the unwanted or storing them most safely at times. Even when I had slept, it had never rested, it took me to the world of dreams, making me experience things which I had never done, irrespective of them being happy, scary or sad. Every moment it kept me think, it endlessly worked towards my every progress or at times downfall, it made me dream about my uncertain future or sulk and learn from the mistakes of my past.

My mind never left my present too! In the present it made me breathe, ordered me to be alive and flowing, made me smile or cry or even agitated or angry, dance, sing, observe or write. And all these days, I had never realized I had such a powerful me inside my body called the "mind". But still my mind craves me to think more about what my mind is... Now let me take some time to "mind my mind".   


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