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A Conversation with the bull!

A short fiction based on the photo taken by Ramasamy Nallaperumal for the photo-post contest organised by The Chennai Bloggers Club and

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"It was a hot day. I woke up early and tied to those chimes which spewed annoying jingles whenever I made a move. I was fed by the boy who fed me every day when he passed by our smelly corner to milk Valli.

Valli is the newcomer to our little urban home. We have been used to living among bustling horns and punch-drunk roads. 

I was on my way to be loaded with stacks of juicy sugar canes when that stocky  man came up with a weird thing on his hands which made clicking noises and gave out flashes of light when he pressed a button. I found it weird to keep staring at him or the thing which he tried to point at me as though he wanted my autograph.

I had nowhere to look, when the whipping commenced I was ordered to move.  Duty calls, you know! Anyway, I wasn’t ready to pose!

Holy Human! The whip is on now. See you around! "


  1. Traffic policeu matta kooda vittu vekka mattengaranga! :P

    Destination Infinity


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