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2012: Birth of a whole new crappy world.

It was 7:00 and an unusually early morning for me. I had a cup of tea in my hands and was simultaneously flipping the uncreased pages of the newspaper for that day. I am not a regular reader and I read news once in a blue moon. I promise I found the morning to be really plesant untill I opened that cursed pile of crap. Here goes, The headlines read: Delhi Gang rape victim dies, looking further down 'juvenile accused of rape' and on the side 'another 16 year-old victimised to sexual abuse on a public bus'.

What has the nation really turned into? A nation of untolerable, obnoxious and lethal rapists? A nation of holes for the drunkards to dig into? or a nation of unparliamentary politicians who accuse innocent posts on facebook to be fatal crimes and lock those innocent heads up in rat-holed jails with rusty bars among other real victims? Or a nation that has fallen prey to a series of bloody trails, bomb blasts, huge monetary scams, victimised religious conflicts, hard-core exploitation of the natural resources and its flat-tummied citizens victimising ever increasing prices and ever decreasing harmony?

Its one big crappy world which holds kazillion citizens with their selfish heads and scared faces who suffer the consequences of their own actions. You feel what can a million innocent citizens do for the crimes of a few?, not really. I say no one is innocent here. Every one does their own part in crime which becomes together an emminent contribution towards a whole new corrupt world. We did survive 2012. Don't feel so happy about it. The crime rate has increased manifold in 2012 than in any other year, I'm sure of it. After all, the Mayans were right. The human race has lost all its grace, moral values and have turned into a whole bunch of lusty and money-minded monsters.

So what can we do about it? Chuck the news papers and shut down all news channels and turn them into TV shows, advertisements showing women as rag dolls, desirable property for the men or dumb asses who act as though they were born to love the hero of the movie or the serial? Won't that make the situation far more worse? Put the heavy headed citizens in dark and  unheard?

So lets see this from an optimistic point of view. (obviously not much to think of there is) The nation is at turmoil. At its threshold, in ruins. It wants us to restructure it in a nice way leaving some peace and possibly some harmony for the generations-to-come. It was not one whole organization which put our nation in this nasty corner. These people are everywhere. They are individuals. So what can you as an individual do to put your nation in its right place? I have already lunged into action by writing this article. What are you upto? Think about it. 


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