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At the stadium

The sun had risen,
high up the sky, blazing with intensity, the circumference filled with students.
The clear blue sky, with snowy white clouds, was endearing at sight, from the edge of the stadium.
While we were all awaiting, the arrival of the chief guest, to start the day, by hoisting our proud flag, we spent memorable time , with each other!
While she had hoisted our flag, drum beats roared and the true spirit of our college was awoken within us!
We saw pretty girls get ready, with tiny skirts and caps, for the ceremonial march past.
It was hundred pairs of feet, marching in unison to the tune of the thunder beats and twenty four coloured flags rising high up in the sky!
We all applauded as it was a very beautiful sight. The sportsmanship was revealed by lighting the huge Olympic lamp which glowed like the spirits within us. And inspired us to blaze like the lamp in spite of the heavy winds.
Balloons of mauve and white, were let high up in the clear sky which towered over the ci…

Memories of the night die hard

The silent angels of the beautiful night,
sing a merry song in my ears, their beauty can never be seen but forever felt.
the chill breeze soothes my body, and the delightful night is like a huge shelter from the sparkling rays of the sun.
When every body are in their dreams, I sit observing the silent night, with its own profound serenity.
The glazing moon at its best, which imparts silvery light in the dark night, is breathtakingly endearing.
I would relish this memory in my heart, which can never become distant in mind of the time I spent in the silent night.

Serenity of the profound.

A lovely day it is, with a sparkling new sun, and a warm breeze ruffling the autumn leaves.
A lovely day it is, with snowy white clouds cluttering the sky, and magnificent eagles towering them!
A lovely day it is, with golden yellow leaves carpeting the land, and the barren trees rooting their stand.
A lovely day it is, with profound hills surpassing the clouds, and their cusps surrounded by haze.
A lovely day it is, with the orotund oceans, and their ever flowing waves creating coarseness in the sand.
A lovely day it is, while I sit out doors, and relish in the pulchritude of the god's bounty, the ever tranquil nature!