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The invisible woman

She is still there, staring into the wide navy blanket,
with diamond stones strewn all over,
she sits there with widened eyes moist with pearly tears,
lips dry and speechless she is,staring into nothing,
that rules everything underneath.

She slowly walks out into the sandy shores,
she rattles the waves with her tremendous arms,
but straightens herself on seeing the silvery bliss,
the silvery bliss pouring out from the huge hole in the nightly spread,
the pathway to heaven, welcoming her into innocence.

She ignores the rare invite and drowns herself
into the joyous cloak of transparency,though a bit salty,
she plunges fathoms deep into the solemn main,and
rolls herself onto the coarse shores of powdered gold,
thus she brings the shores in communion with frivolity.

She leaves them behind just to dance with the denser green,
she rocks forward and back, shaking off the heart of every man in there,
their hearts fall at her feet, in colours of green, yellow, red and brown.
They are swept …

Romancing the rain

I was trodding in the pathway, lonely as my heart,
murmuring to myself, my own thoughts,
Autumn leaves were strewn and the floor was cold,
the sky was pale like an old man's beard.

The trees seemed dark in their own dream worlds,
the breeze was mellow and fresh like pine.
when I looked up to the sky surrounded by clouds,
it seemed hazy and about to rain.

True to my feelings, it started to pour,
tiny drops at first, glistening like pearl,
under the rarest rays of the young sun.
Heavier it seemed to become,

fatter drops of rain,drenching my soul,
cold and refreshing, they fell on to my head,
made their way from strands of black hair,
to my chin like dusk.And suddenly they dropped,

rapid with a heavy plonk, landed safely on to my clothes,
soaking them with joy. From the sky they raced,
more and more, heavier and heavier, happier and happier,
millions fell to the ground forming tiny puddles,many on the trees,
on the lonely bench, on the electric wires,
and a few wiped my eyes, cuddl…

Acceptance? or self-denial?

Being happy, being contented and helpful to others, making others around us happy are the rarest priced possession that a person can ever get. There are so many people in this world waiting to meet a person like that and they yearn to be so. But, people live a life of endless lies and active concealment, they never tend to accept what they are when other people comment on their behavior, they never analyse their own mistakes behind those comments, but their ego comes in front of them and casts a huge curtain and there they are, getting angry, getting irritated about the comments, getting hurt and defending themselves. Their heart throbs with anger, and always accepts only flattery or genuine praise. When a person praises them, highlighting their good qualities, they readily accept their words with a huge smile on their faces, but when the same person remarks upon their minuses, they retard themselves and the other person, they are bounded by the huge barrier of ego and makes the whole…

Lingering drops of my heart

Tiny pearls fell from the velvety spread,
they glistened like dew drops on the greenest leaf.
the great fall ended in a "plonk",
which made the pearls scatter into tiny shimmering pieces.

the rock turned chill,
and the weather shrill,
the waves of worry long gone,
and happiness struck like a gong.

the sound of the shattering pearls,
were welcomed among the beings,
some ran for shelter,
while some paced slowly, enjoying the shower.

the sorrows of the heart,
deep like the oceans were dispersed,
like a juvenile pond, by the chilling droplets.
which came from heaven, to bring light through the dark.

when they found their way,
to the broken lands of the mourning peasant,
he looked up to the sky and whispered,
with tearful eyes, "Alas! God's shower is here".

when they landed on a child's arms,
she caressed them with a smile on her face,
and rushed into her room, and searched happily,
for the paper boats her mother had lovingly made.

when they shattered on the wea…

Life- a clear blue sky

The clouds of time are passing by,
to exhibit a clear sky,
The worries like dust settle on the plain, and the birds of haste are seen nowhere.
As the sun rises vibrant and huge, the darkness paves way to light.
An astounding change, is apparent in the sky.
It is lit up like the diwali lamp, spreading joy and cheer, dissolving the drops of leer.
Life turns out to be, the clearest of skies,
when problems disappear, and enlightening changes appear.

The roots of hope

Fresh and shimmering leaves,
a thousand you behold, which dwell like the happiest of memories, which shroud the deep brown branches, on which lies the diamond like dew drops, which scintillate under the morning ray, and make you look like adorning jewels all over.
Your dark, strong trunk, is wet with snow and grime. But is hard like the huge rock, high on the steepest cliff.
You grow higher and higher, everyday, and silhouette your beauty, on the ever still plains.
You are the greatest gospel of existence, and the strongest hope of our survival, Oh, lovely tree, you are, the master's splendid gift to mankind.

I am no poet

I am a person with thoughts ablaze,
a human form of the sun's rays,
but I hold no magnificence in my quill,
to write out my thoughts at mere will.

A thousand thoughts ponder in my mind,
fathoms deep, they steal all my time,
I wonder and wonder,
how to put them in line,
to lay them in verses,
and to sing them with chimes.

They race up like waves,
and drown me in their pace,
how hard I try to escape their gaze,
but here I am stuck in their maze.

All the beauty I see,
are lost in my mind,
but I am no poet like Wordsworth or Whitman,
to bring them to rhyme.

Lost in fiery and beauty,
lost in race and creed,
lost in the quest to fulfill my needs,
lost in time and lost in minds,
lost to seek, too lost to speak,
lost I am too much ,
to express them in poetry.

here they are, waiting for me,
infinite like the drops of rain,
to embed them in verses sublime,
but I neither have the words that rhyme,
nor am I a poet like Geraldine.
(Geraldine Conolloy (1947-prese…


Her gigantic curves of shimmering blue,
are outlined by the tiny silvery curls,
she gracefully twirls,
and embraces the coarse shore with all her arms,
as she leaves the shore with tears of love,
she leaves behind pearly shells,
as a souvenir to her lost love.

She scintillates in the glimmer of the rays,
as she becomes one with the haze.
when she grooves blissfully,
to the tune of the monsoon wind,
one among her thousand pleats,
gently rubs the shore.

And there again he goes behind her,
trailing her footprints on his tanned skin,
sadly beaming at her kin.

A thousand memories dwell in her salty heart, when she is in anger, their lives come to a halt.
What a beauty it is,
to see her waltzing throughout the day,
in the sun, in the rain,
in snow and cold,
ever and forever,
her memories remain,
in the tiny heart of mine.

Before the winter falls.

I stand there under the huge green shade,
which shelters me from the scorching star, I follow my fellow mates up on the crooked path, the road as soft as fur and coloured green.
As I climb up the green hill, without much strain on my tender legs, my peers lead me to wherever I want to be, we trek in line to reach our place, minute by minute, we quicken our pace.
But as the soothing breeze gently blows, the slender pathway tremendously shakes, and the green shades go flip-flop, we hold on tight to the slippery path, fortunately overcoming a terrible fall.
As the winds blow apart, away from our furry path, we manage to reach the greener top, delighted even upon risking our lives, just to store grains for the winter fall!
- An ant climbing up on a paddy crop.

Sunrise at the hilly woods

Not a leaf twitched,
in the forests of the hill,
the air was still and the woods seemed deserted,
as the dark skies turned grey,
and tiny rays of light filled the sky,
like a pearly white tiara on a woman's head.

The birds that nested in the damp trees,
started to stir and wake up with stifling yawns,
they spread their arched wings wide,
and flew in the air with their hollow bones,
away from their nestlings in search of prey.

The sky was now poured with bright rays,
of the early sun rising magnificently from the horizon,
like a valiant king rising in the battle with his gleaming sword.
The grey old owl and the mangy bats rushed inside,
their hollows, in the ancient trees of the hilly woods.

The tallest coconut tree,
dropped its ripe coconuts on the bushy grounds,
and the squirrils from nowhere
trotted hastily to lift the huge nut with their tiny hands.
they lifted the huge nut together and carried it to their place.

As the macaws and the cuckoo,
started to sing songs of the brigh…

At the hardest hit...

When thoughts race like the race of light,
cloudy problems clutter obscuring your unaltered goals,
when darkness surrounds you,
when you feel like tripping over the painful hurdles,
and when rocky paths of a huge mountain,
is laid in front of you to climb,
there is still one thing to feel happy upon,
the joy in your heart after reaching it's peak!

Dying in the woods

The glazing green leaves, were glistening with pearl-like dew drops, fresh from the abode, on the apple tree.
The ripest fruits, found in town were found there, They were the choicest children, little, red, fresh and sweet. And many other trees, of the great woods were jealous of her beauty.
As she was rooted in the marshy woods, sun kissed and moist as always, she never feared of the coming days, and she happily gifted away her children, to make the people around her happy. She relished in the beauty of the woods, and nothing in the world could dim her smile away.
She shared herself with the chirpy sparrows, and the tawny owl nested on her branches, and many a time the colourful butterflies, would fly to her and tickle her with love, she loved to shade even the little yellow flowers, which flourished with joy near her foot, And the dark cloud in the blue sky, would often shed his tears of joy, Love-lorn and on seeing her thriving magnificently, in the deep woods, every cloudy night!

Transition to adulthood

As the darkness of the night
creeps into a part of the globe,
the creatures are let to drowse
and fly in their dream lands
where there is glory, there is fame,
there is happiness, there is light.

But in the real world at night,
there is nothing but silence,
the calm and fresh breeze,
many thoughts to race upon,
much more to mumble along,

and sometimes you could
even catch a silly tune,
that brings teenage days
in your heart, a tear or two to shed,
upon the absence of freedom,
upon the presence of bondage,
upon the missed romance,
and old excuses that were
once effective to free yourself

away from burden,
away from work,
away from pain,
misunderstanding, suffering,

the tiny things
that you felt immensely
happy upon,
The pounding laughter
even for nothing could make
you feel a hero then,
but now a clumsy clown,
with less of smiles,
and more commitments,
with less time to relish
and more to make money,
to grow competitive,
to feel jealous, mistaken,
to feel left alone,
to feel good-for-n…

Teach me Lord!

Lord, Why am I thrown into darkness?
Not knowing which way to tread,
lost in the depths of the wind!

I have grown to stand a rock
on the shores of the lively sea,
drowning in the ocean of life,
while all others learnt to splash as water,
ever flowing and serene.

Why am I the dark cloud in this clear sky,
pale and gloomy amongst the clear white clouds?

Teach me Lord,
Help me to thrive as a blooming flower.

Teach me Lord,
help me to tower the sky as a mountain.

Teach me lord,
help me to fly free as a bird in the sky.

Teach me Lord,
help me by lifting me away from the pricking thorns of life!

Teach me Lord,
show me the light of life,
show me the path to you.

At the stadium

The sun had risen,
high up the sky, blazing with intensity, the circumference filled with students.
The clear blue sky, with snowy white clouds, was endearing at sight, from the edge of the stadium.
While we were all awaiting, the arrival of the chief guest, to start the day, by hoisting our proud flag, we spent memorable time , with each other!
While she had hoisted our flag, drum beats roared and the true spirit of our college was awoken within us!
We saw pretty girls get ready, with tiny skirts and caps, for the ceremonial march past.
It was hundred pairs of feet, marching in unison to the tune of the thunder beats and twenty four coloured flags rising high up in the sky!
We all applauded as it was a very beautiful sight. The sportsmanship was revealed by lighting the huge Olympic lamp which glowed like the spirits within us. And inspired us to blaze like the lamp in spite of the heavy winds.
Balloons of mauve and white, were let high up in the clear sky which towered over the ci…

Memories of the night die hard

The silent angels of the beautiful night,
sing a merry song in my ears, their beauty can never be seen but forever felt.
the chill breeze soothes my body, and the delightful night is like a huge shelter from the sparkling rays of the sun.
When every body are in their dreams, I sit observing the silent night, with its own profound serenity.
The glazing moon at its best, which imparts silvery light in the dark night, is breathtakingly endearing.
I would relish this memory in my heart, which can never become distant in mind of the time I spent in the silent night.

Serenity of the profound.

A lovely day it is, with a sparkling new sun, and a warm breeze ruffling the autumn leaves.
A lovely day it is, with snowy white clouds cluttering the sky, and magnificent eagles towering them!
A lovely day it is, with golden yellow leaves carpeting the land, and the barren trees rooting their stand.
A lovely day it is, with profound hills surpassing the clouds, and their cusps surrounded by haze.
A lovely day it is, with the orotund oceans, and their ever flowing waves creating coarseness in the sand.
A lovely day it is, while I sit out doors, and relish in the pulchritude of the god's bounty, the ever tranquil nature!