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Romancing the rain

I was trodding in the pathway, lonely as my heart,
murmuring to myself, my own thoughts,
Autumn leaves were strewn and the floor was cold,
the sky was pale like an old man's beard.

The trees seemed dark in their own dream worlds,
the breeze was mellow and fresh like pine.
when I looked up to the sky surrounded by clouds,
it seemed hazy and about to rain.

True to my feelings, it started to pour,
tiny drops at first, glistening like pearl,
under the rarest rays of the young sun.
Heavier it seemed to become,

fatter drops of rain,drenching my soul,
cold and refreshing, they fell on to my head,
made their way from strands of black hair,
to my chin like dusk.And suddenly they dropped,

rapid with a heavy plonk, landed safely on to my clothes,
soaking them with joy. From the sky they raced,
more and more, heavier and heavier, happier and happier,
millions fell to the ground forming tiny puddles,many on the trees,
on the lonely bench, on the electric wires,
and a few wiped my eyes, cuddled my cheeks, kissed my lips,
leaned on my shoulders,patted my back, rested on my chest,
cupped into my palm,dripped onto my legs and fell on my feet.

I closed my eyes and curved my lips to a huge positive arch,
Let my hair flow and spread my arms wide,and circled slowly.
I was letting the rain drench me in full,
letting it dampen my body and seep into my soul.

I left it to wander into the deepest regions of my heart,
lightening them up into the happiest of places.
I let my tongue out and drank some of them,
let them get down my throat and into myself.

I opened my eyes and looked around me,
the rain had receded gradually to drizzles.
I walked back home with tears of love,and thanked nature
to hold such handsomeness which I could admire all my life.


  1. Such a pleasure to read Gayathree!! ;) We romance the rains dont we!

    Do visit my blog! Would love to see you by! *cheers*

  2. Thanks a lot Kappu. :) We romance every bit of nature. :)

  3. Nice read Gayathree! Quite liked it and loved the flow of the post.. romancing indeed... Keep it up...

    Life's like that

  4. Thank you Anand.. Do visit my other posts :)

  5. Now that's some wonderful poetry here!

    I loved the rhythm and the mood of the poem. Beautifully written :)

    Keep blogging, cheers! :)


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