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My dream land!

It's a world full of happiness,
Its my dream come true! It's a place where trees do smile at you! Everywhere is green, not a dirt seen, there are animals hopping around with humans who're friends, Thats my, my world!
It's heaven on earth, a dreamy place, there's nothing to worry about, a place where everyone's young and smiling, It's a land of cheery flowers and shiny stars gleaming in the sky, and there are no good-byes! That's my, my world!
We could fly high in the sky, and dance like the breeze, we could shine like the bright sun, and swim like the fish, there's nothing that we couldn't do, That's my, my world!
My world, my dream land!

Inside my mind...

The conflict never ends,
between the good and the bad, while there is belief, good triumphs over evil, there is the prolonged negativity in my tiny mind,
One says yes, and the other, strongly condemns, confused I am, on which way to tread, while one tempts, the other persuades, and I don't know which is good and which the bad!
There is this strong war that unnerves me, every time I try to decide, One rebukes on a deed, while the other strategically proves it right.
The psychiatry proves me wrong, whenever I try to divert from its taunts, the impulse and the opposing demands inside my mind, fortify my resistance like a flock of herons, on charging its prey, Indecisive I become, unable to flaunt to my challenges, or grin back at my fears.
Will the strife come to cease? and then I may be at ease. Retreating to reality, I find that, my mind has never the ability, to discord this battle of extremity!


The time has come,
I knew it would one day, the new bells of freedom are chiming harder than ever, the fresh air, I breathe of independence, that I had not before.
The time has come, I knew it would strike upon me, the old chains of monotony have cut me slack, the crux of ignorance had broken free, that were holding me back.
The time has come, I knew it would end all my worries, it has scooped me up from the vileness of the crowd, has let me fly high in the sky, apart and away from the despicable.
The time has come, I knew it would bring me the dawn, and awake upon me the probity that life has in store, has separated me from the binds of commitment, making me buoyant in happiness.
The time has come, I knew it would bring the biggest smile on my face, and ward the detriments off my memory, has made me jaunt to subvert the paradigm, the time has come for the greater good, the time has come for a change!


Chilly little raindrops,
flood my window pane,
along with the cool moist breeze
of the monsoon winds!
The farmer sitting dreary,
because of the prolonged drought,
is excited as the cloud,
sheds the first of her tears,
on the parched field!
The warm sun casts it's rays,
on the fat drops of rain,
and an array of seven colours,
arch the sky with their magnificence!
As the dark clouds gradually vanish,
the snowy white clouds conquer the sky,
and the sun rules the globe!
The tiny puddles on the muddy plain,
begin to evaporate and drain.
But some rainy drops of the recent rain,
settle on the fresh green leaves,
and glisten like pearls under the sun!

the chain reaction!

Lovely days are here,
the charming breeze turns on my mood, the freedom from work makes me relaxed, it is such a wonderful day, without the dainty fears creeping in my mind, or without the burden of work loaded on my shoulders, I smell the first smell of freedom in the air, and my face has a huge positive curve, that makes my people bubbling and bouncing! well, the air is now full happiness and freedom, but i do realize that this cannot continue, in the absence of the work or suspense, because the ultimate joy is realized, only when there is freedom from burdening work and chilling adventure!


All pretty things,
the world could hold, I believe are in me.
All happiness of time, That have passed, and in the present or later, I believe are in me.
Why should I be so sad? Fearing about the immediate future, to make it more better, and not wanting to be slaughtered, by the butcher's sharp knife!
Am I worried about the pangs of time? That might lead me to what I feel is hell, Or about the humiliation I would face? resulting in more haste!
It is ultimately a new day for me, but I am still worried about my future! Am I scared of the commitments, That rise up huge barriers in me, to do my duty!

The silent night

In the dreary silent night,
with no one by my side, I sit all alone folding my knees to my chest, the moist wind of the recent rain, sweeps gently on my face, refreshing me, taking my worries away, I sit on the bare ground and smell the wet mud, and a few autumn leaves gently touch my feet, I sit alone gazing at the starry sky, thousands of thoughts just passing over my mind, sometimes, my heart may strike fear, when the nocturnals rule the globe, but I just sit there unmoving, starring at the starry sky, suddenly I hear a screeching owl, and direct my gaze toward the screech, which may seem distant right now, the silent night made me observe the things around, and the calm breeze washes out the fears profound!

School life!

The unspoken words,
the unexpressed feelings, the pranks not played and the smiles not given, the thoughts that were not thought, the truth not spoken, the gifts not shared, the cheers not made, the hugs not shared, or the farewells not wished, still dwell in me like fond memories, that had once taken place in my dream land, now nowhere to be found, when awoken upon the realities of life! Life seems to be endless, and dreams seem to go a step higher, but not the situations all granted, or the opportunity not seeked, to realise all the lovely dreams and the crazy desires, that we face in our school lives! If given a chance to choose my way, to heaven or back to school life, I bet I would wish for school life to come back, and stay forever, for all the hardships that we faced, are hidden by the all lovely memories that we shared together!

The sky at night

The brown and muddish dust,
had settled over the angry sky,

The little red roses had been put to sleep ,
by the white fresh blossoms on the trees!

While the little day birds,
fly to their nests,
the tawny old owl perches on the branch.

The white cool snow,
swirls smoothly on the ground.

And little dew drops,
settle on the lean grass.

The sky appears to change
a pivotal violet,
And then , a slightly brutal pink,
little by little it widens into a dark soothing blue!

The transformation of the blue sky,
makes my feelings bloom and blissful,

And the calmness of the night sky,
makes my heart freeze at sight!

Welcome summer...

Sliced up watermelons,
with flies buzzing by.

Salty buttermilk,
stored in eathern pots.

Ripe mangoes and tasty ice-creams,
best in sale.

The sky blue and clear,
without heavy gale.

The rising sun blazing so hot,
while i water the plants in the pot.

Colorful kites rise in the sky,
while the paper boats are cheerfully stored.

Little children play happily under the sun,
with cricket bats and toy guns.

As the merry seller brings candies to their home,
the children run around,
like the mice hunting cheese!

As the merry-go round is at full throng,
children topple and fall to the ground.

Busy streets, markets and towns,
sweat and dirt all around!

Welcome profound summer,
cheer my plants,
make merry around,
and blaze along!

An adorable friend...

The cheerful gaze of a loving friend,
makes me happy that i have someone.

The lovely smile of an adorable friend,
makes a new flower bloom in me.

A happy little talk with my friend,
makes me feel good around the clock.

A beautiful son sung with my friend,
makes my boiling inner cool and fresh.

As we roam on the streets gossiping around,
we never feel the time go down.

As we share our burdens,
memories and dreams,
I feel so light and my inner gleams.

As we help each other in times of need,
we remain very good friends indeed!

As academics are business like,
Relationships are commitment like,
As love is expectation like,
Authority is political like,
But friendship is never alike,
without commitments,
without expectations,
without politics,
Forever here,
Without any tears...

Spark of life...

Dream as if u will live forever...Dream as if the whole of the world is in favour of you...dream till you drop...
Set off aboard to the tough war of implementation...set your mind to the verge of consistency and then you will achieve what you desired...then you will once be in your most memorable moment....Don't lose track on what you have achieved ...admiring your temporary success...
But put on your strides till the dark fears you, till failure drops dead at seeing you...till the stars twinkle only for you, till the universe is at your feet...
Ward off your reluctance..wake your inner spark of fire and make it flame big in you...destroying your path to failure and make it a big bonfire ...Keep pursuing..keep on achieving....Let there be no end at all through your journey to success.........
Let flow the vital power in you.....which is consistently dormant....and let the mysterious voice of success swivel around your mind....let it conquer your thoughts and move your destiny…

The Hedgegrows..

On the long and narrow valley,
A broad highway was built,
On it's sides were sweet hedge grows
Smiling all day, spreading it's lovely fragrance.

It was sunshine all over,
a cool, moist breeze swept over,
On the tar rushed a furious car!
hurting the hedge grows with smoke and dust.

But still it remained, as sweet
and smiling as it had been.
And none had ever seen,
such a memorable scene.

When darkness surrounded
and the sky transformed,
with bead like sparkling stars
and the crescent moon so blissful,
The little hedge grows had become dry and dull,
Leaving their radiant smile
forever embed in my mind....

The titanic

A city of lights,
suddenly emerged on the shores,
it was anchored with a huge chain
binding it's journey to the solemn main...
Pompous chandeliers were hung over,
and the grand ball room,
was ready to take upon,
with colourful lights all over,
and showers of champagne!
The spacious rooms,
were painted silvery gloss,
and never that ship had any flaws.
The pretty women,
dressed in gowns,
looking gorgeous with their lovely crowns,
were sitting with pride,
adjusting their pleats.
While all were so happy
dancing with merry,
the anchor had been removed,
and the ship had moved.
The days were fleeting merrily,
while the nights were spent dreary,
the ship moved on in the sea.
Months went by, and one day,
while all were so happy,
upon the prince's birthday,
Suddenly, the ship trembled with thundering shakes,
and the water rushed in the bottom plates,
And the ship had started to drown!
All were struck dumb,
as they had not
expected such a fate.
The little boats,
were loaded with people,
and let into the wide sea,
But sti…

The Deprived!

The only thing that I ever have,
is my soul.
I am deprived of food,
even clothes.
I am treated with
whatever left over.
and can I ever cross over
this tough path of life?
They make me work
day and night!
and when other children go to school,
I wash vessels and sweep the floor.
What is the destiny
that God holds for me?
And when will I ever
learn to read?
When the other children
play happily under the sun,
I clean their shoes or plough the weary field.
Will i ever get a day,
that makes me happy
and play and dance
like the other children?
When they grow,
I merely grow with them,
I am a little weed,
which is rooted out,
when not in need!
In this life,
will I get a chance,
to aim and become whatever i like to be?
-The child deprived

The barren tree...

She stands at the barren crust,
while the sober light falls on her with grace,
The blue sky surrounded with dark clouds,
is about to give birth to a heavy shower,
She stands there all day and night,
and she had withered all her beauty,
she stands with her huge branches spread wide,
her ancient trunk is wet with snow.
She stands there opaque and serene,
in the moonlight, her dark figure is shadowed over the plain,
and her blissful figure is silhoutted over the sky.
Though she had withered all her beaty and grace,
her tremondous faith is rooted strongly under the plain!

Good Day

Let every dawn
begin with a wide smile;
Let every sunrise
begin with a sweet twitter;
Let every noon
begin with a hungry clatter;
Let every evening
begin with fresh blossoms;
Let every night
end with a peaceful retire!
Have endless days of happiness;
And lots of memorable times;
Let your life be spent in bliss;
And your ways with love and grace!
Have a Good day!


Life's duties definitely bind one with their body.....and am not an exception!
In this wide bivouac, we have so many things to see, admire, so many people to befriend and so much to experience....well, am in one of d compartments of this most admirable train of life sticking to my seat....and wondering whats going to happen next!
Almost 20 years of our life is used to prepare about facing the next 40 years......and the next 20 years are wasted on the hunt for wealth and luxury.....and the last 20 years of our lives are spent mostly pursuit of a suitable company! And the last 10 years(if we are lucky enough) are spent in ailments!!! Of course, we need to be positively- faceted about life.....but we never know our purpose on Earth and we while away pretty much time in rejoicing and laughing at for some bizarre and petty humor! Living on this earth, we always go brooding over the dead past and bury ourselves over our uncertain future but never even make a glimpse about our l…

Purpose of life?

The desperately form- seeking soul,
tried so hard to enter a cell,
At last, after ceaseless efforts,
it reached its final destination,
fling catching the gossamer,
it became in union with the cell!

But instead of feeling joy,
it felt pain and distress,
it tried hard to connect with the placenta,
but in vain!
So, it tried to grow,
bulge up and soon reach out into the free air!

The cell expanded into a huge number,
and then a battalion,
but it felt more of the pain and distress,
and this time it was lack of space too!

Finally, it took shape,
and reached out to the Earth,
It felt a little happy,
after breathing the fresh, clean air!

But after some years,
the temporary joy had vanished,
distress played a main role,
with a lot of problems and complications to face!

Moreover, the single cell,
when spread, had grown more than cells,
Ego, jealousy,dishonesty and anger,
had made it more sad and futile!

When years rolled by, like days,
what meaning did life have?
in such a desperate search,
and such a nasty decision,
more of …

Love you dear mom

Several years ago,
you were born today,
But for me,
you are born fresh everyday,

your smile never seems to fade,
and your eyes never stop to greet,
your arms never stop to embrace me,
and your heart never,
denies a special place for me!

even when I am sad,
your enduring smile,
makes my inner blissful,
and makes me smile gracefully!

I know that even when,
you scolded me this morning,
you had a valid point in your mind,

At my dark times,
you have always reached out
a caring hand for me
and consoled me when I was struck with sorrow,
you protected me when I was in fear,

And you shared with me all merry
and made me ever smiling and blooming...
no matter how many people like
or dislike you, you are always
held in a special place in my heart..
for a sweet person like you,
I have to be thankful to you..
till I live..even after my death!
I love you dear mom...


Happiness is not,
In thy wealth…not friends
Not in delicacies.
Nor in beauty..
Not in goodness..
Not in gain
Nor in glory or thy fame..
Not even in thee smile
Not in anything…but
In thy heart….when
I think I am happy,
I am happy
I find everything good
Everything exciting
Everything around me beautiful
It is my spirit…that does
The magic…entwines me
Into the buzzing greeting world
Of mine…to chilling snow..
To freshening rain..
To soothing spring..
To the beauty of autumn
To happy friends
To caring kin
With a handsome love
To lightening thoughts
And a memorable life….

Never Preach

Certain things cannot be said or done,
It cannot be heard or seen,
It cannot be preached or even felt….
It cannot be even understood…
It should be experienced!
Then the pain can be felt,
The agony can be seen,
The desperate call for help can be heard
The problem of the other can be totally understood
And then the solution can be preached!
All this cannot be done when it is not experienced!
They easily say,
“Put yourselves in other’s shoe”
But…it is not as easy
Just to insert your legs…
The feeling always varies..
The emotions vary..
The situations vary..
The opinions vary..
The suggestions differ
Could anyone treat the other
As thy self? Are we saints?
Are we not struck,
Helpless into this unpleasant trance
Where we experience
Both sorrow and joy?
Could we try and realize?
Could we try and experience?
Is it ever possible?
These are events that happen
Beyond our efforts
Beyond our restraints!
It should come to thy by self!
Then how can people
Have similar experiences?
How could they ever feel the same?
Then how could the…

Miss those days...

Miss those days of fun and frolic,
sitting and chatting in that dusty classroom,
winning bets and gaining nothing,
classes interrupted by silly lectures,
birthday treats and gettogethers,
funny comments and silly jokes,
one day excursion trips,
last minute preparation for exams,
having fun in the absence of teachers,
jumping and shouting in excitement when the exams are postponed,
surprise gifts and sleepovers,
overnight messaging and picking up fights,
silly gossips and nasty comments,
sudden raids and getting caught,
cutting classes by visiting the restroom!
spending most of the pocket money in library fines,
Miss you all so much,
I know those days will never come back again,
But I am still here yearning for those days to be spent again!