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School life!

The unspoken words,
the unexpressed feelings,
the pranks not played and
the smiles not given,
the thoughts that were not thought,
the truth not spoken,
the gifts not shared,
the cheers not made,
the hugs not shared,
or the farewells not wished,
still dwell in me like fond memories,
that had once taken place in my dream land,
now nowhere to be found,
when awoken upon the realities of life!
Life seems to be endless,
and dreams seem to go a step higher,
but not the situations all granted,
or the opportunity not seeked,
to realise all the lovely dreams and the crazy desires,
that we face in our school lives!
If given a chance to choose my way,
to heaven or back to school life,
I bet I would wish for school life to come back,
and stay forever,
for all the hardships that we faced,
are hidden by the all lovely memories that we shared together!


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Getting back to being Ms. Beautiful braid!

It was the time when my mom used to struggle for time. She would wake up early in the morning with her hair as beautifully braided as ever and I would be shook awake to have that traditional head massage with a mixture of hot coconut and castor oil with the extracts of sun-dried hibiscus, henna and fenugreek. After I sleepily shampoo my hair followed by the massage, my mom would pat it dry with a thin towel and would carefully part my hair into sections to try different types of braids on my curly but soft hair.

As she tamed my dense and curly hair into braids of every possible beauty, I would sit there bored with the palm of my hands supporting my cheek. In spite of lack of time, my mother made it a point to wake up ten minutes early everyday just to make time for the wonderful braids that her fingers weaved with my hair. After she finished with the styling, I would gaze at my own self in the mirror and brim at her with pride on my face.

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Every dawn dooms with wail

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