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The forward button

What's the use of feeling enraged? Your blood grasping hot iron fumes thrust through igniting the char it twists and turns and knots a million cinders burning its way through your heart and puckering through your brains gnawing a deep hole that lets you estranged.
As you scrabble through  cursing wildly under your breath sweating your way into dark, uncharted poles Flick your eyeballs, as you cast them on to every syllable that has ever been inked, dissolved in the contagion  or even to be uttered scattered intrigue, a few coins up their sleeves, a back sword, a bludgeon, a pistol appears from the magician's hat there lay a crimsoned stiff or more,  rather many wailing upon their loss be it their petite stock of the green  or their soul bread that  wouldn't lead to another suicide, or the penny that fell off their spilling pockets.
As the bulging belt spits out another button, he frolics with a glass of liquor and spews around orders to obey and plots more devilry under d…