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The way you engulf me into you by your unforeseen arms,  arched into a narrow circle that could cushion the depths of my soul
The way your fingers pine me  into tears, into love, into loss, into the now.
They are huge, huge with darkness  that could splay into spring but they are, just like your foe vividly enchanting.
When you divulge into me with stealth and no shame creep into my covers that shall light me to flame
When you kiss me deep  with your lips as cold as ice as painful as thorns that sting into my soul until it bleeds to foul
When you touch me  with your fiery fingers that burn me down to darkness rave me into madness
You pull me toward 'what is' and shard my castles  into a million pieces of waste you probe me into  the depths of my soul
I find you  as erotic  as enchanting as intense  and as beautiful as 'him'.
You are sorrow
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