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Transition to adulthood

As the darkness of the night
creeps into a part of the globe,
the creatures are let to drowse
and fly in their dream lands
where there is glory, there is fame,
there is happiness, there is light.

But in the real world at night,
there is nothing but silence,
the calm and fresh breeze,
many thoughts to race upon,
much more to mumble along,

and sometimes you could
even catch a silly tune,
that brings teenage days
in your heart, a tear or two to shed,
upon the absence of freedom,
upon the presence of bondage,
upon the missed romance,
and old excuses that were
once effective to free yourself

away from burden,
away from work,
away from pain,
misunderstanding, suffering,

the tiny things
that you felt immensely
happy upon,
The pounding laughter
even for nothing could make
you feel a hero then,
but now a clumsy clown,
with less of smiles,
and more commitments,
with less time to relish
and more to make money,
to grow competitive,
to feel jealous, mistaken,
to feel left alone,
to feel good-for-n…

Teach me Lord!

Lord, Why am I thrown into darkness?
Not knowing which way to tread,
lost in the depths of the wind!

I have grown to stand a rock
on the shores of the lively sea,
drowning in the ocean of life,
while all others learnt to splash as water,
ever flowing and serene.

Why am I the dark cloud in this clear sky,
pale and gloomy amongst the clear white clouds?

Teach me Lord,
Help me to thrive as a blooming flower.

Teach me Lord,
help me to tower the sky as a mountain.

Teach me lord,
help me to fly free as a bird in the sky.

Teach me Lord,
help me by lifting me away from the pricking thorns of life!

Teach me Lord,
show me the light of life,
show me the path to you.