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Keeping up the everlasting bond

It was early in the morning, I was packing my things to move in to our new dream home on the shores of an island. Yes, we were moving out of India, to a dream destination we have always been talking about when we were into a relationship. Samyukt had managed to get his work station transferred to the Maldives. I was happily packing, shoving away my school and college stuff that had been laid out in my chest of memories.
I wanted to pack what was very dear to me and college stuff was absolute trash. As I was discarding the things in the chest one by one, I happened to lay my hands on my slam book and a yellowed photo album which had been neglected for over 6 years. I opened the album to see the 70 cheering faces of my class happily glancing at me. Well, I was one of them, accompanied by my then-best-friend Reeta. I happily had my hands wrapped over her shoulders and hers on mine.

The days of our absolute intimacy, the days of our endless riots into the restroom to bunk classes, when we had so much fun together stealing into other’s conversations, picking fun at other girls, our lecturers, the umpteen sleepovers that we have had and the endless talks that we pursued, staying awake all night, the days when we had absolute trust in each other and was there to lend a hand to the other all the time.
It was a time of absolute companionship, joy and blissful memories. As I unleashed each memory into my thoughts, rethinking all the fun I shared with her, the memories intensified my yearning for her presence; I felt tears rolling down my cheek. After graduation, she had been trying to maintain contact with me, but somehow I was engrossed with my own self that I completely neglected her calls, letters and mails. I felt the same pang of absence of good companionship, suddenly I felt lonely and yearned for her warm presence, cheerful smile and her naughty pranks that humored me.

I suddenly realized the value of the relationship that we shared. It was totally uncomplicated, there were no expectations on the part of her and none in me, the tie or promise of the ‘forever together’ was not there, the compulsion to be with one another was absent, there were no future prospects we had planned like in a relationship of love, there were no exchange of gifts between us, even on birthdays, there were occasional fights on very petty issues which would resolve as quickly as ever possible, there were no inhibitions, jealousy or unhealthy competition.

The friendship had matured into a beautiful emotional bonding which was risk-free as there were no monetary or physical commitments as in a relationship of love or marriage. As I picked up my phone to call her and apologize, I was very sure that she would respond with equal joy and there would not be any crevice over the friendship that we shared earlier as a result of the years that had passed by.  True to my instincts, she responded to me with resonating happiness and child-like joy. My heart had rightly predicted that we both were jumping in excitement on getting back in touch with each other.

Such is a beautiful and intense friendship. It does not have the breaking-up factor, it is free of insecurities as in a relationship of love, it does not have change in mutual attitude of the people involved over time and it is pure with not a hint of any expectation or the heavy bondage that we carry when in other relationships.  Renew your friendship if at all you aren’t in touch with your best buddies of old times because you’ll be missing out a lot for sure, if you don’t.

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  1. Absolutely true. Somehow with time, work pressure, family duties, we tend to forget our friends. I know exactly what you are talking about. Even though we have new tools like facebook etc which helps us at least stay in touch without losing contact altogether, is that really enough? I don't think so...

    1. A face to face interaction is very essential for any kind of relationship to grow and friendship is no exception. :) Thank you Deepti :)

  2. Lovely post. But in my experience, after a point in time, we change - our thoughts,perceptions, ideas and worldviews. I have maintained relations with my school and College friends but the charm of those friendships are good in memories. I find that I can hardly strike a conversation with some of them because we have changed over the years. The only common platform that connects us is the memory of our school/college and even there much water has flown under the bridge.

    I guess most of my friendships were pretty time-bound. Of course, there is joy when I meet some of them but not the same connection.

    Well, for some, like you have described in your post, friendship is for life. For me, no. I guess I'm the only one with whom I share a relationship for life.

    Joy always,

    1. Your take on this is very acceptable Susan. Our maturity level grows day by day and we no more find the magical connection between our long lost friends after a huge time gap. Thanks a lot Susan :)

  3. Nostalgic :) I felt the pang of separation when I read this..The countless friends I had lost contact with,the countless memories I had brushed away..Life moved on,though I realise they are just a phone call away..We are,sometimes cruel to the memories that once shaped us into what we are today.
    "Yesterday,all my troubles seemed so far away...Oh I believe in yesterday"

    1. Thank you Nicole ;) Yes, it just takes a phone call to reconnect :) Thank you so much :)

  4. Even though the college part of it hasn't yet started for me, there have been many a times when I lost contact with loads of friends. But thinking back about school days, how much ever i miss the fun that we used to have, I really do not feel like reaching out back to them. Its because perhaps time showed their true colors or something like that ! This is especially true for the large part of people we encounter, during the school days we become inseparable, but over the days as school gets over, life goes on and things are not the same way that used to be and we lose touch. They become mere acquaintances!

    Yet there are a very few people whom we connect with so easily, that there comes a question of losing contact, it with those people that the above post is so true ! no expectations and no grudges ! life is just so simple with them and things start the way just where we left them !

    Loved your post! :)

    1. The wavelength that you and the few friends of yours share are almost equal :) Thank you so much Lakshmi :)

  5. Beautiful post!

    As mentioned on FB, i have been fortunate to have friends who remain good close friends since school/college/working days. There are some who broke away, only because i realised friendship is a 2 way street. I kept writing, sending mails, connecting, reaching out but nothing from her and so I stopped. Now we are in touch on and off. But the others- it is thick, as thick as thieves or even thicker :) And for me, my friends are my support system! Thank god for them

    Yes, we go through changes- work, life, marriage, children, distances, but still if 2 people want to make a relationship work, they will. I believe this holds true for friends as well.

    [Sheesh, sorry for the long comment, should probably do a post on it]

    1. Very happy to know you have such an efficient support system Aarthi! :) And the long comment is totally welcome :) :)

  6. This is beautiful, G.

    Friends are the best and friendship is always the best relationship on Earth because there's absolutely no ego, jealousy, hatred, possessiveness in it.

    To be in touch with school or college buddies via Facebook is easy today, but how many actually take the initiative? Not much, just a "Hi" or "Wassup" could brighten up one's day. I'm in touch with my best buddies from school, but sometimes, when we are held up with our work, it becomes difficult to catch up.

    Your post reminded me of my memorable school days. You are a wonderful writer, G. Keep it up. :)

    1. Thank you so much Sowmya :) I am all smiles :)


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