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Coat it in pink,
flash a smile,
crease it hard
as they roll down,
martyrs of pain.

"Paws up,
shoulders straight!
Look pretty." 
instructs mama. 

Tummy in, 
flab tucked in black.
eyes apprehensive.
legs curled up,
I wait
a moment or two. 
Mind travels forth
and back.

"Is he looking?" 
eyes flutter
eyelashes bat
neck turns. 
He was, or may be
he might have...

Tummy in,
turn away,
flash a smile
small talk,
act busy.

I hear his voice
a little distant now,
get a glimpse as
I tilt eyeballs to the side.  

He looks at me,
she points a finger
with muffled attempts 
to hide laughter. 

Tummy in,
turn away,
flash a smile
small talk, 
act busy.

Mask it up,
smooth some kohl
on teary eyes.
coat it in pink,
crease it hard,

stroke your hair
with a plastic comb. 
corset your curves,
hold in tight.

Breathe less,
tummy in,
flab tucked in black.
sit in a stool
butt overflow,

eyes apprehensive,
legs curled up
shoulders straight,
glance at the hand mirror.
Oh! Hide that bald patch

Look around,
flash a smile,
small talk,
act busy.

Take a sip.
Oh its beer.
it'll bloat me up.
"Ah.. no thanks!" 

Eyes flutter,
eyelashes bat,
neck turns,
look away.

Dinner is served,
cheers, laughter.
shake hands,
nod away,
chew lettuce, 
flash a smile,
small talk,
act busy.

"Hey polka face!
baldy moldy!
Are you pregnant?
Are you exercising, beta?
*Trumpet sounds*"

Stilettos tap,
past muddles into present.
"Hey, Join us for a selfie!" 
she says. 
flash a smile, 
tummy in,
Are my arms fat on screen?
get a glimpse 
as I tilt eyeballs to the side.

Drive home,
untie corset,
bra strapped off,
sweatshirt on,
slurp unsalted soup

"Idi Amin!
Have you looked at the mirror?
I'll charge double for your seat.
Stop eating, fatso!
I'll help you in weight loss!"

Mind travels forth 
and back.
Tuck your tummy in.
Breathe less.
smear kohl.
crease it harder. 

Pop in pills,
Green tea.
wind down. 

"Hey polka face!
baldy moldy!
Are you pregnant?
Are you exercising, beta?
*Trumpet sounds*"


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Image courtesy: world wide web

The stars that connect the sky,  the tides that weave the sea, the pebbles that merge the shore, the trees that mesh the forest, the branches that link the trees,  the leaves that entwine the branches, the sun that lights the horizon, the sky that paints the water, the waters that survives the fish, the fish that eats the seaweeds, the seaweeds that carpets the rocks, the rocks that protects the soil, the soil that strengthens the roots, the roots that keeps alive the trees,  the trees that mesh the forest, the forest that survives the big bears, leopards, and birds, the birds that live on the worms, the worms that protect the soil, the soil that gives birth to crops, the crops that survive the we, the we that eat everything in this big, wild world, the world in us is the world outside, the outside that reflects the inside, the inside that is abstract, the abstract is opaque, yet translucent, the translucence of the sun rays in a muddled dew drop at daw…

To write is to dwell

FEBRUARY 15th, 2012

What writing means to me...

As lonely as a cloud, as boring as boredom itself, I was. I grew up as a typical child at school but a very hefty one, I am still the same. I managed to cheer people with my innocence but did not manage to make happy friends to last a lifetime because of my gross physique. I couldn't play as I had no playmates at home and my only hobby was to sit and watch tv.

When I was studying in kindergarten, I used to visit a nearby shop with my dad. My dad was busy shopping for groceries and I engaged myself in observing things around me. The people who had mixed emotions that outshone on their faces, an old man cycling with a lot of strain, probably getting back home, the lady vendor with her dirty saree pinned up to her waist and squatting on the floor, selling vegetables, the autowala bargaining with his potential customer, the green trees which arched high with its countless leaves, the flowers that smile at me on the road side, happy child…

I'm too shallow to write a verse

I'm too shallow to write a verse To wrap around the twists and turns To dwell unto my own, I do Living somebody else's life or my own? Shrouded under piles of thought, I scribble, thinking only of the applause.
I'm too shallow to write a verse or two To make ends meet, I'm too cuckoo. I'm not the classic, scratching blue wooing 'em, tearing 'em apart  with every word.
I'm not the one who rhymes nor the one with notes for those lyrics. I'm the one who scribbles blotching blue on all my troubles, roiling over moments back and forth, trying to string those stray words, into at least a doggerel. See, I don't make sense.  I told you, I'm too shallow to pen that sonnet, that ballad, that haiku, that refrain, that ode.
I'm forcing it out all that gibberish snowballed  unto mine, to chime and rhyme  but nevertheless I realise in time, I'm to shallow to be read over cheese and wine.