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Money: a medium of exchange or a threat to the society?

When I was a child I would think to myself seeing the beggars on the streets why are they not like me living in a house? Why are they wearing dirty clothes and why are they so downtrodden? But as I grew up I discovered that the cause of the projected poverty among the beggars were the lack of a piece of paper which is popularly called as "money". I gradually consoled myself thinking that they did not go to work like others did so they do not have a place to live in or good clothes to wear.

But one day, I pondered upon this once again. This "money" which is a medium of exchange for buying and selling things has become a way of life for each and every human on earth except the enlightened! Something which we invented for OUR comfort, which was merely a piece of paper has been placed with such a lot of importance that every single person in his life is running behind. This paper currency has become so significant in our life that most of us reach the extent of widowing our own lives from our presence!I will explain this with an example, we spend most of our time of the day working tediously, tolerating the taunts of some higher official who had hardly contributed anything for us towards our success, we had also undergone severe stress for earning a few paper notes! Imagine! I don't say that it is wrong to work to earn money, but I would like to highlight here that, we needn't run behind it...sacrifice our whole lives for it! Well, most people with their voluntary defence mechanisms will revert back that they just love their career. Maybe, but most of them use it as a mere weapon of defence!

This paper bit, in my opinion, is the worst invention of mankind. Well, according to many great economists and accountants, they will feel that this is the most significant invention the economy of each and every country is measured in terms of money, but psychologically, it functions just like the british government functioned to adopt the divde and rule policy among Indians and Paksitanis in 1947! Money tends to separate people with their status, it creates an image in the people's minds that those who own a lot of money are rich and those who lack are poor. Those who possess these paper currencies abundantly can live in a huge house, eat good food, drink clean water, they have the right to be well educated, they have the right to look down upon the people who lack money and term them as the "under-privileged"! 

The impact of this paper currency has more deeply worsened situations in the lives of human beings. In history, wars have been waged for the acquisition of land, which is again valued in money, robbery has forever been taking place, people even go to the extent of taking their lives due to the lack of this mere piece of paper and they also have killed other beings for the same. Why go to such extremities? You can see the slaying of animals each and every day for the sake of earning money through a meat business or leather business. Human beings have gone to a level where they not only exploit other beings but even their own kind. They make other beings labour hard, suffer, get cheated for them to fill their personal coffers in paper notes.

We needn't even go to that extent, just for the sake of earning money , we are moulded from our very childhood to attend extra curriculars, to win awards and laurels, to be extra tutored and are made to lose time of play and fun, we are told to follow the market status and other prices and important happening in the economy.....why? just to get into a good job and earn money. I will never say that educating a child is wrong, I totally agree that education lights up an entire nation, illuminates and brings about the thirst of freedom and renaissance in them. But educating, tutoring and burdening the child beyond his/her ability just to enable him/ her to be placed in a good job and earn lots of these pieces of paper is just too meek. Many children are forced to become engineers, doctors and managers in India to earn good money and status with optimal investment....but ultimately, these burdened people lose their right to decide what they would like to be and how important is this mere piece of paper to them.

I cannot clearly highlight the purpose of me writing this because eradicating the usage of money and its importance among the human beings have become practically impossible! But I would like to suggest my dear readers to give a thought about how dominant money has been in all our lives and how it has been ruling over us all these years!  


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