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SIMC: The place where dreams thrive!

The pattering pearls that spatter onto the chilly top,
The pervading breeze of the elevated plain,
The strums of melody that pave way to my heart,
The sweeping concrete in which I had dreamt to start.

I start afresh, a journey in love,
Feeding my passions to hone glory.
The past had fallen away from it’s kin,
The future sprouts into life,
Of every shade it is.

Scarlet it is, of burning desire,
Is it pivotal, the fear of the unknown?
It is the hue of the vast roof, of endless glory,
Is it the innate, the shade of brimming glee?
Hues akin to the diamonds on the endless horizon,
Of limitless joy, to rise up my crestfallen head,
Bask in pride, among the top five,
For I am at SIMC,
This is the place where dreams thrive.

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  1. wheyyy :) nice one !!
    good luck :D

  2. In the course of time you will start questioning some of your dream characters...


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