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Breaking free

Endless storm brushes me past
never leaves me alone
with my hair pricking my face 
like pine

Rains pound onto my body
making it shiver
my body gleams silver
when the silky glow pounds my skin

Suddenly, there is a heavy swirl
of pearl white snow
slithering onto me
I shudder

Ringlets of heat rays
gorge on my face
quenching its thirst
leaving me parched

Stillness conquers
engulfing my present
meditating upon my mind
that swirls like sand storm

I stand there
facing all at once
with a ringlet of fire
seemingly comforting
fixated around my middle

Like the ever changing arena
my desires never cling
but grow and shirnk
change form

They laugh at me
with malice
upon my fickleness
on being futile,

cringe me into pulp
shatter into pieces
strangle into dead meat
devour my senses
and grin with contempt

I am torn inbetween them
the desire to move
yet to stay
the desire to battle
yet to make peace
the desire to laugh
yet to cry
the desire to live
yet to die

As my ringlet of icy flame
burn my soul
the desires pin me down
I start to pine upon 
things around me

I meditate
gather my shattered soul
straighten my cringed heart
and unstrangle me.

I so decide
to stay to face the storm
to face the burns 
to struggle to survive
to face failure yet to win
at the end.

The tornado 
turns to calm
stillness clings to the air
a strong desire to survive
soothes my heart.

I decide 
to hope
to pray 
to love my life
to try,
for nothing in life
comes without it.


  1. Wonderful Gayu ! Just loved it :)

  2. I am torn inbetween them
    the desire to move
    yet to stay
    the desire to battle
    yet to make peace
    the desire to laugh
    yet to cry
    the desire to live
    yet to die

    Awesome lines :)


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